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Army Second Lieutenant – In the Line of Fire

Army 2nd Lt

Army second lieutenant is the entry – level rank for commissioned officers and usually commands a platoon size of 16 to 44 soldiers. Individuals who have gained attendance in an ROTC program or have completed at least a 4 years … Continue reading

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Army First Lieutenant–Undercover Mission of First Medal of Honor Recipient

Army First Lieutenant Jacob Parrot

An army first lieutenant is a junior commissioned officer that is above the rank of a second lieutenant and below the rank of a captain. A first lieutenant is promoted from second lieutenant after 18 months in the army. There … Continue reading

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Army Captain John Edward Swanson–Beyond the Call of Duty

Captain Jon Swanson

Army captain is a commissioned officer rank who acts as a commander or second-in-command of a company, artillery battery, cavalry troop or Commonwealth squadron. A captain holds the pay grade of O – 3. It is the rank above the … Continue reading

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Army Major Stonewall Jackson – Following the Enemy is True Cavalry

Major Stonewall Jackson

Army Major is the most junior of the junior ranks and is just above the captain and below the rank of a lieutenant colonel. A major is often referred to as a “Commandant” particularly in France but it is also … Continue reading

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Army Lieutenant Colonel – A Fallen Warrior’s Last Stand

Lt Colonel Custer

Army lieutenant colonel is above a major and below a colonel and is often shortened as “colonel”. A lieutenant colonel is commonly in charge of a battalion in the army and is equivalent to the rank of a commander in … Continue reading

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