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Sergeant Major of the Army–Controversial First Sergeant Major of the Army

Sergeant Major of the Army Preston

Sergeant major is a non–commissioned officer who is usually selected for appointment by the Department of the Army who is chosen from the list of senior non–commissioned officers or warrant officers. Sergeant major positions vary from Command Sergeant Major and … Continue reading

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Army Second Lieutenant – In the Line of Fire

Army 2nd Lt

Army second lieutenant is the entry – level rank for commissioned officers and usually commands a platoon size of 16 to 44 soldiers. Individuals who have gained attendance in an ROTC program or have completed at least a 4 years … Continue reading

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Army First Lieutenant–Undercover Mission of First Medal of Honor Recipient

Army First Lieutenant Jacob Parrot

An army first lieutenant is a junior commissioned officer that is above the rank of a second lieutenant and below the rank of a captain. A first lieutenant is promoted from second lieutenant after 18 months in the army. There … Continue reading

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Army Captain John Edward Swanson–Beyond the Call of Duty

Captain Jon Swanson

Army captain is a commissioned officer rank who acts as a commander or second-in-command of a company, artillery battery, cavalry troop or Commonwealth squadron. A captain holds the pay grade of O – 3. It is the rank above the … Continue reading

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Army Major Stonewall Jackson – Following the Enemy is True Cavalry

Major Stonewall Jackson

Army Major is the most junior of the junior ranks and is just above the captain and below the rank of a lieutenant colonel. A major is often referred to as a “Commandant” particularly in France but it is also … Continue reading

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